About Me

Jaquan “Jaquan Grand” Grant was born February 27, 1993, in Waterbury, Ct. He is a 28-year-old father, veteran, college graduate & hip hop artist from Portsmouth, Va. Jaquan's artistic style ranges from energetic sophisticated trap to conscious 90s boom bap, swag rap, gospel rap, and R&B. He began doing music at the age of 9 and became obsessed with songwriting once influenced by Lil Wayne, TI, Fabulous, & 50 Cent. After years of trials and tribulations within the industry, Jaquan and his had the opportunity to perform at countless venues in Atlanta since 2015. After four years of networking in the bright city of Atlanta, Jaquan Grand obtained the opportunity to have his record “Rolling Stones" featured on MTV's hit show “Ghosted” as well as The CW's show "All-American". Since the premiere of "Rolling Stones" on both shows, Jaquan has gone on to release three more singles and three projects under his indie label "R.O.E RECORDS LLC". In the midst of being an indie artist in Atlanta, Jaquan also has three Associate Degrees ranging from Audio Engineering, Graphic Design, and Gaming and Programming.